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2009 DFG Retiree’s Annual Luncheon at the Dante Club

Wardens at Tyler’s Ranch for Annual BBQ 2007

Bob Hawks, Jeremy Bonesio, Mike Matirko, Warren Duke, Tyler Young, Doug Fowler,
Del Huff, Jack Edwards, Charlie Fullerton, Mike Buelna, Warren Allsup

Warden’s Wives at Tyler’s Ranch for Annual BBQ 2007

Roberta Duke, Ann Bonesio, Tracey Edwards, Gyda Buelna,
Lynn Hawks, Patty Young, Kathy Fowler

L-R. Sr. Fisheries Biologist Stan Kabel Sacto Hq; Warden Artie Brown Markleeville. Duke in the center was the town dog. Stan and Artie were selecting flies to use while fishing Silver King Creek, Alpine, Co.



Retired Biologist, Mike Meinz catching the big one @ Eagle Lake in November 2004.

Retired Senior Fisheries Biologist, Pat O’Brien with a brace of ducks in 2008.
Photo submitted by Gary Miller.

Outdoor California Editors: Dave Dick (Retired), Troy Swauger(Editor), Joan Prince(Retired) and Alexia Retallack(Past Editor). Photo shot by Debra Hamilton Oct 2008, at Joan Prince’s retirement party. Dave recently passed away after short term medical problems.

Jim Steele, Jack Edwards & DeWayne Johnston at 2004 DFG Picnic and Softball Tournament

Bruce Cochran and his deer. Photo received April 2007

Gambier Bay, Alaska, June 2005. Crew was Capt. Dave Fox, wife Cathie, son Thad. Skipper was retired Capt. Dennis Davenport with his wife Robin and daughter, Rosie. This was a 6 day cruise from Juneau to Petersburg and back. Lots of Humpback whales, Dall’s porpoises, Bald Eagles.

Retired Lieutenants Bob Hawks, Gil Berg (80 yrs.young!) and Gary Hawks (Retired CDF Capt.) packing float tubes into British Columbia Lake for another great day of fly fishing. Photo by Steve Conger, June,2005.