Retirement Payout Calculator


When you put money into your 401 or 457 you will have to take it out based upon a pre-set formula that is controlled by the government.

You start at age 70.5 and will have to have it all out by age 95. That is because the government wants the taxes.

Even if you have rolled it over to an IRA after retirement, they will use the same formula.
On the other hand, if you rolled it to a Roth, you can decide how much to take out.

This calculator takes an account balance and interest rate and determines either how long you can withdraw a fixed amount of money from it, or how much you can withdraw over a fixed amount of time.
Confused? You won’t be! Just enter some numbers and give it a try!

For the sake of reality, currently in 2014, you can expect to be earning about 1.5
to 2.0% in money market account, but are living with about 3% inflation.

If you have saved up a couple hundred thousand, you will be amazed at how little
the monthly payment will be if you want to make it last for 25 or 30 years.

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